About us

Our Story

You no longer have to compare what works or what’s safe with Nippy Nature wellness inspired brand.
Everything we need starts with the incredible power of nature, in which we rely on daily from recreational, sustainable living, or for our health.
“ I remember when cleaning houses for a living, and arriving at a customer’s house, with my own supplies and being asked to use their supplies instead of mine. As I began cleaning the bathroom, I had to immediately leave following the application of their desired product. The harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients caused me to stop breathing. As I explained this to the customer, their overwhelming experience of the same effect, left them in a dismay from having a product that worked but has an immediate serious health risk or concern, I knew I wanted to help and so I did.”

Who We Are 

We are a wellness inspired company promoting and empowering people to learn about the products they use daily, and to make a conscious choice for their personal life style and health. Our founder's personal experience led him to creating a brand for people who may have the same problem but no means or know how to fix it.

Our Beliefs

We develop many formulas within a team of chemist. Research, comprehension and transparency is key to a knowledgeable and sustainable future. Every product throughout your home deserves a credible source for the respect of your buying power; and in exchange, honesty and transparency. We believe having access to nature’s benefits is not a privilege but your human right. Nippy Nature’s social initiatives will empower partnerships that promote safer choice ingredients as well as community awareness and their right to harness the power of nature with Nippy Nature.